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You are looking at the one-of-a-kind Meteoris from watch maker Louis Moinet. Meteoris is a set of four watches and this artfully-made mechanical planetarium. The set is for the serious astrological and horological connoisseur. Clearly very expensive, the set has some interesting features that are worth knowing about. Looking at the planetarium it is clear that the table-like structure is on a pedestal with an ornate mechanical planetarium on it surrounded by four pillow sections for the watches. Actually, given the complexity of the planetarium, I wish that Louis Moinet would have put more effort into giving the watches more appropriate housings. You have four piece unique watches that are each beautifully made tourbillons that are just sitting there on a pillow. At least give them a dust cover.

MB&F HM3 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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My opportunity to view the MB&F Frog watch was preliminary, so I don't have all the details such as the price, though you will find tech specs from MB&F below. The HM3 Frog will be in a limited edition (like all MB&F watches), and will have initial inventory likely available in and around Singapore where MB&F watches are highly prized. Availability starts this month (May 2010). MB&F considers it a "wacky" version of the HM3, and 32 collectors I am sure will be delighted. Again, 20 pieces in polished titanium, and 12 pieces in black titanium.

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 27 HourTime Show

In the included video you can wait through most of it or skip ahead near the end when they discuss and show some rather funtastic special effects of the TimeWriter 1 Metamorphosis watch. You not only get a good idea of how it works, but of how complex it is. They put all this effort into the video and it isn't even in English - the bastards. The TimeWriter watches will be a growing collection from Montblanc magical workshop in Villeret. The plan is to give the young and eager watch makers the ability to make crazy things. As such, the names of the two gentlemen who made this watch are on the dial. They are Johnny Girardin and Franck Orny. They needed to make their creation in Montblanc form, so you see the reverse teardrop style case that other Montblanc Villeret branded watches arrived in.

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Rolex Datejust watches

Interview with the watch maker from Parmigiani discussing the unveiling of the new Parmigiani Bugatti Super Sport watch. Also talking about the upcoming Bvlgari Diagono X-Pro watch, and also the highly customizable Maurice de Mauriac Moon Chronograph.

Girard-Perregaux Sport Classique Laureato Evo 3 Large Date Watch Available On James List Sales & Auctions

Cartier gives the watch a weird bracelet/strap. The first part of each is a link style bracelet with metal center links and black rubber segments. At the ends of the bracelet it turns into a strap with a told over Cartier tension clasp. Why they didn't want to make it a bracelet completely, I am not sure.  The case is water resistant to 100 meters by the way. Inside the watch is a Cartier Calibre 2137 automatic movement that is liked a base Swiss ETA. Not too easy to find (especially in the US), the Cartier Must Autoscaph 21 is really only found in pre-owned examples. Prices are in the ,000 - ,000 as far as I can see.

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Replica IWC De Vinci

This type of stuff sells watches. How do I know? Well they just making these, and people are buying them. But that is good. As far as I am concerned, people buying watches is a good thing. I am so tired of seeing naked wrists. Do you love limited editions? Limited editions for limited editions. "This new piece is to celebrate our 100th limited edition watch." I swear, Hublot is going to start making those, I just know it!

Oris Divers Date Watch - Solid Choice Watch Releases

Panerai Says "FU" With Limited Edition PAM336 Watch For China Watch Releases

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Tudor Grantour watches

Last Chance: LUM-TEC Combat B15 Watch Giveaway Giveaways

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Bid now St. Dupont "Service Without Fail" RAID Watch Watch Releases
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Patek Philippe Calatrava watches

See Cartier watches on eBay here.Cartier Rotonde Astrotourbillon Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Louis Moinet Meteoris Watch Set Watch Releases

I am very excited to bring you a special watch giveaway here at This month you can enter to win your choice of either of the above two mechanical chronograph watches from Swiss Marvin watches. These are the Marvin M107 (in the rectangular case), and the M103 (in the round case). I actually reviewed the M103 here - and it is really a great watch. I wanted to offer either of them because they have same Swiss Valjoux 7750 automatic movement inside, and are very close in price. It is up to the winner watch model he/she prefers. What more can I say? These are two excellent timepieces, with a movement that no watch lover should be without in their collection. The Marvin M107 retails for ,860, and the Marvin M103 retails for ,790. I anticipate this being a popular giveaway, so enter below with your best response.

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Tudor Lady Sub watches

IWC has a really interesting history, and I won’t try to sum it up here. The brand was actually started by an American, and occurred at the time when Swiss labor was actually cheaper than American labor — at least this is my understanding. Since that time (a long time ago), the brand has transformed a lot, and currently under Richemont Group ownership, thrives as one of the most well-respected luxury watch brands around. The exact details of when the brand started to current day IWC apparently were unknown to any one person. So IWC decided to put together a book to document its history. Which is what this new (and massive) IWC book is all about - and it is called "IWC: Engineering Time Since 1868."

Let me explain what I think a Tiffany & Co. watch should be. Tiffany items have always had a very refined, lasting aesthetic to them. Nothing wild, nothing too avant garde, just tasteful pieces that look almost timeless in design. In addition to that, something wearable from Tiffany should be generation-less. Meaning that it should look good on a 20 year old, and still look good on that same person when they are 40. Thus, the items aren't about being youthful or mature, just nice looking. Tiffany has held this concept in high regard, and if you stroll around one of their stores you will see this underlying design principle at work in most of what they sell. So traditionally Tiffany watches have been like this. Good looking pieces that grown on you and are simple to live with. The very essence of prudent good taste.

Tempvs Compvtare Sea Shepherd Watch Watch Releases

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