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Given the ease of changing straps and the 22mm lugs, I dug into my box of straps and found a couple that really change up the style. First off, a curved-end black calfskin from my Yes Inca. The ends don't quite fit, but I think with calfskin you could effortlessly wear the Blackbeard with a suit and no one would notice.

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The 2011 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève Awards were held on November 19th. Cutting to the chase, the top award winner was the De Bethune DB28, which took home the coveted Aiguille d’Or award. As I've mentioned before, I think that De Bethune has the slickest looking moonphase complication. The brand is a breath of fresh air in a world of Rolex Submariner homages and the like. Not that I dislike the Sub, it's just that it's nice to see some different new designs. And the prizes are awarded in large part based on innovation, both technical and design.

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I just had to have this watch when I saw it. It was like Flash Gordon on my wrist. This lighting bolt Swatch is a clever version of the famous watch designed - not by Flash Gordon - but by fashion designer Jeremy Scott. The bold looking timepiece is, by all accounts, a fashion watch. It is for show and fun and truly succeeds at being a spectacle.

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Offered in platinum the case is an interesting contradiction to the original. Why? Well think about it. AP is much credited with creating the luxury steel sport watch segment. Selling a steel watch at gold watch prices and having it somehow make sense was a revolution at the time. They, along with other brands such as Patek Philippe, made steel the new gold in a lot of segments. So it is interesting that the 40th anniversary tribute model be in luxurious platinum. Still cool, and makes for a good conversion topic. You know how AP lover's like to chat.

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• One crown to wind the watch, set the time (travel time-zone), adjust the date and adjust the travel time-zone
• One push-piece at 2 o’clock to activate the small seconds flyback mechanism

The imposing look of the watch is multiplied by its incredible exclusivity and rarity. It looks pretty cool on the wrist as well, if you can pull it off. This model with diamonds is new, of course. One like it may be made in 18k rose gold as well. The way Jean Dunand often offers a new "piece unique" is by producing the same watch but with minor color or material differences. Still, they are produced in an extremely limited fashion. The Shabaka watch, named after the Egyptian pharaoh, with its diamond bezel is priced at around 0,000.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Diving Chronograph GMT Navy SEALs Watch Review

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Diving Chronograph GMT Navy SEALs Watch Review

Storm also offers the watch in a few other colors depending on your tastes - not sure if they are all limited edition models. As a fashion watch, this piece certainly matches an active/quasi-military look. The second watch dial on the strap is fun. It doesn't exactly match the style of the main watch - but seems to fit with the overall look of the piece. Like I said, there is a sort of mix-and-match friendliness to this piece. The main watch has a chronograph as part of the Japanese quartz movement. Both movements are Japanese quartz. With the two dials and the chronograph, the Chrono Terrain is actually a rather useful piece if you look at it that way. Tells you two timezones, the date, and has a 12 hour chronograph.

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As a 300 meter diver the watch has a sapphire crystal and screw-down crown (placed at 4 o'clock). Even as a new brand RedSea got a lot of the little details correct. This includes a relatively refined dial and a black date disc to match the face. Feeling like a high quality watch, the only thing I would recommend is to see how they can improve the look of the bezel. This is nit-picky, but the bezel, while looking very nice, makes it clear that the ring is an insert. Most bezel rings are inserts, but the difference in plane levels between the outer bezel and the ring sort of disrupts the illusion. Really a tiny thing.

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One of the things I love most about watches is the ability to be creative with how you present one. This means showing the time in a traditional way but having the watch look unique, or alternatively to display the time itself in a unique way. Such creative opportunity has attracted unique minds from all walks of life to participate in horology - and whether or not I like the outcome, I love the diversity.

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[For fans of the JLC Atmos, as I am, there are several flavors of this iconic clock available, see page 41 of the auction catalog for a few.]

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A good diver watch is a stepping stone for serious brands. All good brands have good dive watch. Not all of them hit a home run right away. Bremont has succeeding in defining itself through the Supermarine 500 diver. This is also the second Bremont watch that I reviewed, the first was a review of the Bremont U-2 watch. It is a beautiful timepiece that is nice to wear, and easy to own. At ,150 it isn't very cheap, but neither is the brand's persistence or ability to impress. As an alternative (or compliment) to a Rolex, Omega, or other highly popular luxury dive watch, the Bremont Supermarine Certainly holds its own. I can easily recommend (and do suggest) this timepiece.

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And of course, we're working on our new space in Lucerne, to open in April at Zurichstrasse 49. 180 square meters, with a manual Gaggia espresso machine from the 1960s that should be here soon, and we have found that many watch lovers are also big coffee aficionados as we are. We buy coffee from local roaster Black and Blaze, so come in for espresso and watches!


ELYSEE uses aviator style hands that are coated with lume. Trust me when say how happy I am that the hands are the right size! A date window is placed neatly neat 3 o'clock and over the dial is a sapphire crystal. Quality is impressive for this model as the case feels solid and the polish is nicely applied. In addition, the case is water resistant to 50 meters and has an aviator style "onion" crown that is easy to grip and operate.

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Legacy Machine No 1 – Technical Specifications from MB&F

Coming from the Jellyfish collection, the Snowmobile Adventure watch (as I will call it) was a sort of  evolutionary step between the Jellyfish (see hands-on here) and the later Black Mamba watch (see hands-on here - which didn't quite make it to retail yet as I understand). The Jellyfish name comes from how the watch is meant to appear from the side with the straps held down. Nubeo's talented designer Ivan Castro is fascinated by the incorporation of organic shapes into industrial design. The watch includes the look of a Jellyfish, with vertebrae like structures in the strap (which are actually black ceramic inserts), as well as a range of other beautiful curves mixed with into the time telling machine.

As I discussed in my earlier article on the Gerald Genta version, the watch was created to have optimal sound - it was pretty impressive, I have to say - but for that you want to stick with the titanium model. The case is large, but not insanely so, at 46mm wide (wider with the crown and such).