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The gold color of the accenting in the dial compliments the color of the DLC covered case. I would go so far as to say that it has a richer, prouder look. Even though a watch of this nature is meant to survive the extremes, it is more than even an attractive and functional watch for everyday wear. On top of that, Ball watches are a great value compared to other Swiss counterparts.

Limited Edition Limes Endurance Rallye Chronograph On eBay: Quality Heritage Racing Watch Watch Releases I cannot say that I frequently look at my watch while driving. If I did, all that would ensue is a traffic hazard from my prolonged glare. However, drivers on a track often use their watches to measure speed. Why not use a speedometer? Well that would be just too easy. Using a tachymeter on a watch, you can measure your speed if you are able to accurately measure the distance of one mile. You start the chronograph function upon passing the mile start marker, and stop it at the mile end marker. The seconds counting hand will point to your speed as indicated by the numbers around the bezel.

Having said that, you probably cannot be expected to wear the DeWitt WX-1 too often. It is frankly too big to even fit under a shirt sleeve, and you'd be mortified to ding it. On the same note, it is interesting that DeWitt probably spent the least amount of effort on the aspect of this watch that tells the time. The clock portion of the watch sticks out like a node from the mothership. Unlike traditional watches that use hands, the WX-1 has three two rotating discs. Line them up with the small arrow at the top of the dial, and you have the time. First appearance tells me that the discs are some manner of compass or instrument too complicated for my cognition. Closer inspection however reveals numbers commonly found on a watch face, this must surely be where I tell the time, and it is. This isn't DeWitt trying to confuse anyone, but rather to ensure the effect of the watch is not last. The vision of a grand complications, whose read out of information has been as beautifully conceived as the body that holds it.


Pre-Basel 2008 - Louis Erard 1931 Classic Moon Phase, A Lesson In Refinement Watch Releases

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Two broad options represent themselves after you receive a ticket. Pay or fight (hopefully discard and forget are not among your choices). If you pay the fine, you have gone the easy and unintelligent manner. Although it feels like a bit of a headache off your shoulders, the ramifications are not worth it. First you have to deal with the point on your DMV record. This may translate into losing or having your license suspended. Second, is the fact that the DMV reports this information to your insurance company who is more than happy to hear the news. Yes, because they WILL, not may raise your insurance rates. And it is for this reason why it is important to invest the time and/or money into fighting your tickets. When you successfully fight a speeding or traffic ticket, it is like it never existed.