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Intelligent Quartz Perpetual Calendar - T2N502ZA

The Sinn 857 and 857 S models are available on a range of straps, but you really want the available steel or PVD black steel bracelets. Though the silicone strap is a good choice for many sport activities. I don't think the 857 range is meant to replace the 657, but rather to add a slightly higher-end and larger alternative. I will be seriously looking at these in the near future. Price for the Sinn 857 is 1,380 - 1,585 Euros depending on the strap/bracelet, and prices for the Sinn 857 S is 1,530 - 1,815 Euros.

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Everest Horology’s EH-1 installs similarly to any other Rolex Oyster bracelet because the section of the strap that fits between the watch lugs is designed to be a precision fit with the watch head.  Because there is more space for a springbar tool, installing an Everest EH-1 Band is actually easier than installing a Rolex Oyster bracelet. For Rolex wearers accustomed to removing the bracelet for occasional cleaning, installing the Everest strap is a breeze. (A tutorial on removing Rolex straps can be found at Everest’s EH-1 is designed to replace 4.5 Oyster links on a Rolex bracelet and is fitted utilizing the existing adjustments in the Rolex clasp.  Everest Horology found that 4.5 Oyster links fit the majority of Rolex wearers while keeping the clasp centered on the wrist.  If the strap is too short an existing Oyster link can be used to lengthen one side of the bracelet.

RGM didn't exactly make a new movement for this watch, but the cockpit clock's spirit does live in the piece. It does however only tell the time. The first thing I noticed about the RGM 801 Aircraft piece was the wonderful brushed finishing on the case. RGM is an American brand and they made all their own cases and many movements. This watch has both - born in Pennsylvania. The 42mm wide steel case is really beautifully made - making it easy to scoff at a lot of the competition's finishes. Sapphire crystal over the dial as well as for the caseback. While the dial colors are different, they are unique and RGM altered the hues just enough for the piece to look elegant.

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In this week's gripping horological journey we talk about each wearing Graham watches - Ariel talks about the one he reviewed here - and John brings to the table the Graham he's been wearing all week. The correct pronunciation of the word, "Quixotic" is debated, along with Ariel's extra thumb as a topic other than watches that he can use to make new friends at parties.  The brand new Seiko Orange Monster watch range, Lang & Heyne watches with mammoth movements (literally) made in Dresden, and also the affordable Citizen Scuba Fin watches. Should we start making watches out of poachers? And, there is no silicon in Rolex watches.

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The new timepiece from the exclusive Swiss brand is the UR-210, and follows in the visual and technical footsteps of URWERK'S other models. However, the design evolution here is very apparent and I think futurism lovers are going to find the technical design of the UR-210 to be among the most delicious they have seen in a while.

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Arguably, the most improved areas of the iPhone are in its visual design and construction in the iPhone 5. More now than ever it is a product with a bona fide luxury experience (and it looks great next to a nice watch).

Uniq GAF Watch Review

Uniq GAF Watch Review

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This is an example of simple but thoughtful design which adds a touch of cool to this luxury 100m dive chronograph but manages to do so without compromising its understated aesthetic. I love a complication that is simultaneously cool enough to show your watch nerd buddies and yet nearly invisible to the horologically untrained eye. That said, if I were fortunate enough to own such a watch, it would likely only ever get wet if I fell into a pool, as I don't posses the fortitude to actually take such a watch diving. As capable as this ten thousand dollar dive chronograph may be, it would certainly only see desk-dive use under my care.

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So how exactly do the Proximity watch and iPhone work together? I got to check out prototype versions and was not able to actually sync the iPhone with a Proximity - though the promised functionality is simple enough. Using Bluetooth, the watch will sync its time and date from the phone, alert you to incoming calls, SMS messages, and e-mails. It will also tell you if you have a missed call. If you have a calendar appointment or event, the watch will let you know that you have something to do. One other function is that you can search for your phone using the Proximity watch. This likely has the watch make the phone ring or something similar when the search function is activated.

Omega Speedmaster Reference 2998-61

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  • Steel case size: 41.7mm [outer diameter], 12.4mm [thickness]
  • Movement: Caliber 6R21 automatic mechanical
  • Accuracy: +25 seconds to -15 seconds difference per day
  • Jewels: 29
  • Sapphire crystal with hard coating
  • Water resistant to 100 meters
  • Limited edition of 600 watches
  • Price 136,500 yen (U.S. about ,750)

This is not that model. Well not exactly. This is a special limited edition version of the Historiques American 1921 made especially for the Vacheron Constantin boutique on Madison Avenue in New York city (ref. 82035/000J-9717). Aside from special branding on the rear of the watch, the dial of the boutique model is different from the standard Historiques American 1921 piece. Frankly, I think this dial is the best. While the standard model has more classic, thin Breguet style numerals and pomme hands, the boutique model is the sporty brother. Here you see a military dial inspired watch with large Arabic hour numerals and beautiful hands all coated in lume. Mega bold look with mega legibility. Much more character than you might come to expect from a piece like this. My understanding is that dials such as this have been on some older Vacheron Constantin pocket watches and more important, the limited edition dial is more akin to the original 1920s driving watches that Vacheron Constantin produced.

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I am live at the Baselworld watch show for this episode of HourTime. We discuss Swiss Customs, new watches, and being a watch groupie.

Urwerk's signature satellite time display system has evolved a bit, but those familiar with the brand can still easily read the watch. I happen to really like the new dial and think it is beautiful. I love the more technical angles and modernity... as well as visual balance. You may notice that the size of the "hand" is larger than before. It uses a new housing system to support the hour marker units. Nevertheless, the retrograde function is still designed to shoot back to its starting position with incredible speed. The indicators are also coated in lots of SuperLumiNova.